Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some Music For You To Listen To

My apologies for leaving you without new material for a while. The reason for the long time between posts is that I've been working on making our company website better.

Now, I'm not a techie, even by the wildest stretch of anyone's imagination. At one time - and not too long ago, when you consider the entire history of mankind - I actually believed that "HTML" was pronounced "hittamill". So, I haven't been writing code or actually constructing anything. What I've been doing, with help concerning the technical end of things, is populating our latest version of the website with selections from our music library.

I'm going to send you there at the end of this, to listen to some of the new selections I've chosen to offer our clients, but first I want to explain exactly why we offer music on our website.

You see, we deal in both music and voices, for use in telephony applications. We offer these services individually or in combination. For instance, if your company needs to prompt callers through a menu of choices, making their interactions with you go quickly and smoothly, you can purchase stand-alone voice prompts from us. If, instead, you wish to enlighten your potential customers concerning what your company has to offer, by way of sales or specials or new goods, you might order a combination of voice and music, which we call Messages-On-Hold. You can choose to have that play on your phone system whenever customers are put on-hold for a minute or two. Or, you can order Music-On-Hold, which is simply nice music, chosen by you from our music library, that entertains your customers while they wait.

Music-On-Hold, to my way of thinking, is a much nicer option than just having your customers waiting on-hold with silence for their only companion. If all you offer your customers is silence, they're never quite sure if you're ever actually going to come back on the line at all. At least if music is playing, they'll know they're still connected. In addition, most of your callers will probably find the music quite pleasant. Some may actually be disappointed when you come back on the line, bemoaning the fact that they didn't get to hear the end of the tune that was playing.

(OK, I'll grant you these people may be nutjobs. But, if you have to deal with nutjobs, why not make them happy nutjobs by giving them good music to listen to? It will certainly make your job easier than if you just leave them to stew in silence.)

Getting back to the delay in posting, I wanted to specifically do a piece concerning our Music-On-Hold, but I didn't want to publish it until I could send you to our brand-spankin'-new music pages, complete with super-duper new audio players embedded on each page. These new players should allow you to more-or-less instantly hear any musical selection you click onto.

(I'm presupposing that your computer isn't so ancient that it's powered by a hamster running on a wheel inside of it. If you've at least upgraded to twisty rubber bands, such as those found on balsa wood airplanes, everything should work just fine.)

Before I send you on your way, however, I'll answer a question that some of you may have been thinking: Why should I pay for your music when I can just play the radio over the phone, or perhaps some CDs, while my customers are on-hold?

The simple answer is that it's illegal to play the radio or CDs over the phone. ASCAP and BMI, music licensing agencies, vigorously pursue criminal copyright complaints, and if you play CDs or a radio over the phone, you are, in effect, stealing their product. You can be hit with a fairly hefty fine if you're caught and prosecuted. Meanwhile, our music is fully-licensed and legal for you to do with as you please, once you purchase it. And our prices are extremely reasonable, especially when compared to what you could be paying ASCAP and/or BMI should you be hit with fines.

Anyway, go HERE to listen to some of the newer selections I've chosen. Of course, we offer 12 distinctly different categories of music for use in productions, so feel free to roam around amongst the various categories and listen, at your leisure, to whatever strikes your fancy.

(Of course, if you don't like having your fancy struck - it can be painful - then just go on your merry way and I'll see you next time around. You'll be missing some dandy tunes, though.)


  1. I did not know the legality issue and will stop immediately - kidding..I agree to the good music on hold definitely Sandy

  2. gee your hair smells terrific..YEAH!! and l love Sea dream!! funky!!

    btw i have posted the pictures and info on Reculver towers (just for you)

    FFF x

  3. You know I hadn't thought about it, but now that you do mention it... I do hang up when there is a lack of music faster than if there is and it's exactly for that reason. anybody there? hello? etc.

    This is kinda fun... I'll go have a look see.

  4. darn those BMI folks, first they tell me i fall in the obese range now they won't let me play my own danged tunes. just promise me i won't find a muzaked version of jim morrison...

  5. ok, i'll take some bora, latin fun, and chicken freed. :)

  6. I really like some of the Latest Releases. It's a shame I don't need your service. :( I'll be looking for "Centipede," though.

    Interesting post.

  7. What a fabulous career you have!!!! I adore music, and can't imagine the privilege of getting paid to select it!!!! I'm so glad you sent us here!

  8. "Some may actually be disappointed when you come back on the line, bemoaning the fact that they didn't get to hear the end of the tune that was playing."

    I HAVE actually complained about just that in the past... in a joking manner, of course. Which has absolutely nothing to do with my nut-job status, which I flaunt with PRIDE.

  9. OK... I'm back after sampling some of your stuff, and I'd pay good money for some of that. Why is it I've never heard any of this on hold, I wonder?

  10. You just aren't calling any good companies, Buck. Only the really nice folks buy from us :-)

  11. "Gee your hair sounds terrific?" and now go wash your hands. You have some fun stuff out there.

    I thought that Frank was the only person on the planet that called HTML something other than HTML... to him it's hitmail!

  12. Very cool, Suldog, and that music is infinitely more pleasing to listen to than a bunch of stuff I hear when put on hold in this country! If I hear the Four Seasons ruined one more time, I'm going to go Postal, I swear!

    I love the Bedouin vibes especially!

  13. Well heck Jim, you do get around. Mr Music, from now on. And in India? Ha! There are NO legal issues about ANY music :))))

  14. There were some great tracks there, so much better than the usual dross I've encountered. I might just phone so that I can get put on hold.

    And having music definitely puts paid to any "Am I in Limbo"? thoughts.

  15. I'm loving this music! I'm getting ready to bake some cookies and I have it playing in the background. I'm going to save it to delicious, so I can listen to it again.

  16. Okay, Sea that's my kind of music...I've bookmarked this page and I promise not to play any of it over the telephone while any of my callers are on hold....k?

  17. Finally got the chance to stop by here. We listened to an audio clip of your voice. Have you ever done voice overs on videos? When we do shipments for Dupont one of their procedures to enter the Plant is that all drivers have to watch a 10 minute safety video. The voice on that video sure sounds like you.

  18. Four favourites Centipede, Crossover, now wash your hands and Last call. Thanks for the invite over, loved it.

  19. Ruth and Glen - I've done some video work, but very limited. I don't recall ever doing a safety vid for DuPont, but I suppose it's possible I did and forgot it. That's one of the side-effects of having enjoyed the 70's :-)


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